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Godox / Neewer flash showing as not recognised on Sony A7RV


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Hi Guys.

I was wondering if someone could assist me here.

I have a Neewer Z1-S & a Godox TT350

They both work but when I go to "External Flash Settings" it says not compatible.

But they do work. When I change settings on the flash - the settings reflect in the camera fine & vice versa.

Am I misunderstanding something here?

Thx Gaz

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I just found your post as I was searching for an answer to the same question.  I realized that I can not set the external flash setup in my Sony A7CII when I attach any of my Godox and Insignia flashes.  They seem to work fine, other than the auto zoom being stuck at the widest focal length, but flash settings are greyed out in the menu. Did you ever figure out an answer for this?

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    • I use Luminar 4 to edit my RAW files from my A7rV. Because Luminar doesn't technically "recognize" the A7rV files, I first convert to DNG using the free Adobe DNG Converter. I does mean another step, but seems to work nicely
    • Yes, that helps a lot, thank you! I feel like I have a relatively good grasp on how the cameras perform. And in the end, the jump to FF is more about how much of a scene I can capture. I'm finding that some shots are a bit tight, and having that extra wiggle room, even if it means cropping a bit in post, is an attractive option. That and a shallower DOF when framing the subject the same on a FF sensor.
    • Correct Only when viewed / printed at the same size will the A7Rv image look cleaner. If the image from the A7Rv is printed to a size 1.5x wider and taller than the a6700 image, both images will look equally noisy when viewed from the same distance. This benefit is largely overrated, especially for stills photography. Yes, the pixels from the A7Siii are a lot cleaner than those from the A7iii, but if you downsample the 24 MP image from the A7iii to 12 MP, you'll find that the noise in both images will be the same. For video, the A7Siii shoots native 4k with full sensor readout. This is an advantage compared to higher MP cameras which have to crop or bin to get 4k footage. This is why the A7Siii is mostly video centric. Correct: if you stitch 3 vertical images from the a6700 together you pretty much mimic an A7Riv sensor, with identical dynamic range. Hope I freed the squirrel a bit there.
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