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ZV-E10 - Which lenses would you recommend?


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Hi all. So im a noob at photography & ive just got myself the ZVE-10 with kit lens. I'm looking for 2 lenses. For Photography not videos. Budget about £500.(either i put the money towards 1 or if i could 2 for that price) I'm looking for One for wildlife ( I Just sold the nikkor 70-300mm ed vr lens on my d3500)...so i would like something similar. Any recommendations please?..sony or third party?

And the 2nd lens i would want to use for Product photography... just something better than the kit lens would be good. 

Thankyou.🙂 Sorry if in wrong thread.

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The 70-350 mm is a good lens, although a bit slow. Much better in terms of image quality than the 55-210, which has its reasons to exist, i.e. occasional use when you might need a telephoto zoom but you don't need 300mm and you do not want to carry a heavy and bulky telephoto lens on your shoulder all day long just to take a couple of shots. I'd recommend that you go for it, if you are not in a hurry, you can monitor prices online and jump on an offer that fits your budget. I also saw it on Amazon at reduced price as a Prime offer last week. 

For product photography, the choice is much broader. It very much depends on what you need, i.e. where you want to improve over the kit lens. My choice has been the 18-135 mm F3.5-5.6, which offers better quality, especially on the 20-40 mm range, which I use the most, and 135 mm reach which comes handy if I travel with one lens. It is a little soft at the long end and of course you lose something at the wide angle side compared to the kit lens. All in all it is a great travel lens, does a little bit of everything and comes at a reasonable price. I tried the 18-105 F4 but it was fantastic for video but useless for pictures. All my pictures came out soft. Since I bought it in a brick and mortar shop, I returned it. Believing it was a lemon, the dealer made me test another copy. We ended testing all the ones in the shop, about 10 of them and all of them were soft, much worse than the kit zoom and basically useless for stills. I walked away with the 16-70 mmm F/4, which is a gem but is out of your budget.

If you want to go for primes, instead, then the answer becomes more and more complicated.

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