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A6400 | Hybrid Workflow | Video/Photo | Memory settings?

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I have a A6400 I use to shoot my local sports club activities. I like to create a 'cinematic' video of the day's sport and take still photos for the website. I am struggling to find an efficient 'hybrid' workflow using my one camera, and I hope you can help. 

I like to shoot in a 'manual' when taking videos/photos. I need help finding a quick workflow to switch between the two during the heat of the action!  

Current 'default ' Workflow


  • Turn dial to 'Filmstrip' or S&Q
  • 4k - 25p 60M
  • Shutterspeed fixed at 1/50 {double frame rate for cinematic look}
  • I use a variable ND filter to adjust the exposure
  • Aperture - manually adjust to suit
  • Picture Profile 7 - SLog 2 (colour grade in Edit)
  • Edit and colour grade in FCP


  • Turn the dial to M
  • Capture in RAW
  • Shutterspeed 1/800 {or more for sports action}
  • Aperture - manually adjust to suit shot
  • Iso Auto Min SS 100 -800 
  • Turn ND filter fully open
  • Picture Profile 2 - Standard setting for still images
  • Shoot in Raw Edit in Lightroom

When you change the dial from 'filmstrip' (video) to 'M' (Still photo) it keeps the 'video' settings for SS Aperture. Thus I have to spend a few minutes changing from my preferred video to my photo settings.  

I presume I need to be making better use of the 'MR' or Custom buttons to be able to switch quickly?? I have played around but I need help to make this work. Or is there a trick I am missing?

Has anyone here got a good fast-switch video/photo workflow that works well for them?

Thanks for your help...

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Using memory recall is best way for what you are doing.
For a6xxx series, here is how to do so from Sony site: https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/00203863

Setup all the settings you want for video
Then proceed as "Save your settings to memory" in the link and set it to either number - from 1 to m3
Now whenever you want to use these settings, just turn dial to MR and then select the number you assigned the settings for.
Repeat for photo.

If you are in MR and you are changing settings they WON'T save unless you do memory recall again, for that same number after doing these changes.


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