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Limited HDMI Gallery Output Sony A6300 (1080p)

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So I bought a Micro-HDMI cable which supports 4K. I hooked the Micro-HDMI to my camera (Sony A6300) and my monitor, and then I went into gallery mode to go through my photos and delete the bad ones, however, I am noticing the quality is not that great.
I'm using a 1440p monitor, and that HDMI port on the monitor supports 1440p. I also checked the monitor settings and it says it's outputting at 1080p, which explains the not so good quality.
So the HDMI cable supports 4k, the monitor is 1440p, the HDMI port on the monitor supports 1440p, so what's the problem?
Is the cable not truly 4k, or is the gallery output limited to 1080p?

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