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Noob question: What settings will yield the best video of a light show? (Alpha 6000)

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Hi all. Thanks for existing. I'm less a noob than I am just not a photographer/videographer; my experience is mostly composing a few decent shots when traveling. What I am is a musician who likes to make videos for his songs. And I'm having trouble googling this subject.

I'm making a video featuring this ...


... and I basically know just enough to know how much I don't know. I played around with aperture/ISO/shutter speed and got a decent result, though I definitely will take any advice on those fronts too. But I don't know anything about white balance or really anything else that would yield more accurate (or even 'better than accurate'?) color/brightness/intensity/really everything. If anyone has a few minutes to offer me guidance on any of it, I'd be grateful. This thing is so pleasing to the eye; I know my camera lens isn't the same as my eye's, but I'd love to do it something close to justice.

I'm shooting on an Alpha 6000 using a Sony 4/18-105 G OSS lens; it's the only one I have.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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