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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys, Will be getting a Sony a6500 and want to shoot the kids playing soccer and ice hockey. I don't want to lug a around a Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens, nor spend that kind of money. It's high school hockey so I am reasonably close to the ice. The Sony FE 24-240 f/3.5-6.3 oss was suggested to me. Any thoughts, will it be sufficient to shoot decent pictures inside a hockey arena? Also, any one use the Sony FE 24-240 as an all around lens when traveling? How is it in museum low light situations? Other lens suggestions? Thanks!
  2. From the album: Sony 24-240 SEL24240

    Testing the new SEL24240. At 240mm, 1/250, ISO125, f /6.3 ACF (continuous focus) RAW picture edited in lightroom

    © Joeri Peeters

  3. From the album: Mark Galer

    SEL24240 at 24mm

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  4. From the album: Mark Galer

    SEL24240 at 103mm

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  5. From the album: Mark Galer

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  6. From the album: Mark Galer

    SEL24240 at 61mm

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  7. From the album: Mark Galer

    SEL24240 at 87mm

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  8. From the album: Mark Galer

    SEL24240 at 240mm

    © © Mark Galer - All Rights Reserved

  9. Dear all! I like to hike through the Swiss Alps and taking pictures of the breathtaking landscapes and nature. My Sony A7Rii and its SEL24240 are always packed and ready to go. Best regards from Switzerland, Andy https://www.bolliger.tv --- Hiking Tour 30th september 2017 --- --- Bettmeralp, Valais, Switzerland --- Bench with nice panorama Multi-layered Hills Aletsch Glacier / UNESCO World Heritage
  10. Well this is my first post here and I thought I would use it to tell you about the 24-240 SEL24240 that showed up about an hour ago via UPS. So the lens is rather large as noted by others but is not uncomfortably so. It is right at the same size as other full frame lenses in this category so I guess the size is necessary if you want to shoot full frame at this time. Ergonomically mounted on the A7II it feels fine and it is pretty easy to zoom in and out though a bit stiff. The lens hood brings the width to about 3-3/4” in diameter. I am not much for the lens grading sites so I test the lens for myself to see how I like it and I made a target to shoot at. On the target I try to fill the frame and I shoot at 1 aperture, shutter speed and ISO through the whole range of the zoom. I use 2 flashes in small soft boxes. Anyhow I am more pleased than I thought I would be with this lens as it is really not too bad! It should really make a good travel lens and work well during my impending trip to Disney World. So on the lens itself at 24mm there is substantial barrel distortion (easy fixed in Lightroom) and some softness on the edges but still acceptable. At 35mm the barrel is almost gone but it is still on the soft size. At 50mm the distortion changes to pin cushion but it becomes very sharp and continues that until 150 where the image becomes a bit soft on the edges again and is the same at 240mm. Just some quick thoughts. Was going to add some files but not working well so I will upload them to FLKR or somewhere in a bit.
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