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How to frame before shooting 120FPS on a7s ii?


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So I recently purchased the A7S ii. One of the features I was excited about was the ability to shoot 120fps at 1080. I understood that this came with a crop factor but I'm finding that when shooting in this mode, it doesn't crop in until I hit the record button. So when in preview mode, setting up my shot/framing it, I can't actually see how its going to look until I hit the record button. Even when shooting in super 35 mode, it crops in further as soon as I hit the record button.


Can anybody tell me if there is any ways around this? or is this just a really stupid feature that Sony didn't think about when making this camera? Im finding it very frustrating!


Thanks guys

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Hey JayPFilm,

I know this is probably late, and you probably figured it out already given that you posted this on Jan. 4.

But, future peeps may be coming across similar problems.


So, here is a couple of solutions.

Solution 1: Estimate.

You know the crop factor is 2.2.

So, 25mm is effectively 55mm. Use a zoom lens or 2 prime lenses and estimate. So use a 55mm to estimate where you want your subject and where your camera should be... then switch to 25mm before recording.


Solution 2: Trial and Error.

Position camera and subject in x number of distance apart and press record. You don't like it? Move back or forward, while recording to find that sweet spot. Stop recording and delete that video, start recording from the sweet spot. You can use either zoom lens or primes, zoom lens may not need that much movement.

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