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Bout time i joined up.


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Hey there Everybody. Ive been lurking here for a few months, and have just never gotten around to making an account here. so here i am. 


My names Danny and I picked up a sony a7ii in late august. Switched over from a Canon 60D and so far, i couldn't be happier. 


My kit so far: 


Sony A7ii

Battery grip (Its nice to have that chunky DSLR feeling every once and a while)

spare batteries..... of course


Leather straps/grips

Glidecam HD1000 for the occasional video. 

Kit lens 28-70

Picked up there 70-200 F4 G  in Late October.  I am loving this lens!

Received a lovely 28 F2 for Xmas which i am extremely excited to use. 

future plans are to pick up a few more primes and ditch the kit lens over the next year or so. 


 Im 23 years old and have been shooting for 3 years. Finishing up my photography certificate of completion after i finish my final course early 2016.  I am still relatively new to the photography world, but through shooting and my education has helped me learn so much, very quickly... i think :P


As for what i generally shoot..... Im really into cars, so thats where it all started. But I'm happy to shoot anyhting, from cars, to out doors, to people. and weddings.  anything really.  Here are a few examples of my work. 


A couple automotive:



This was shot at 1/20th of a second hanging out a car window. This is where i am at home as a photographer.



Heres a few of my puppy at the dog park. at 200mm f/4.5




I took this a few days ago with my 28 f2.  quickly hopped out of the car on the way to my cabin. 




Let me know what you guys think :)

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