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A7RII and Rokinon 24mm cine


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Took this on Christmas night in Yosemite at the Merced river moonrise event. There must have been 40 photographers there very cold.


To make a quick note, my 16-35 Sony was so cold waiting before sunset and up to after moonrise, it frosted over thick on my A7RII. Thick enough my shots were not coming out, without halos or ridiculous flares during this epic event. My Rokinon that was not out long did extremely well on some test shots on my A7SII, which was making video of this event. So I switched out lenses to come away with this in 42MP. Rokinon did well this time. Already have this in 20x30 getting ready for a sale, at an up coming local display next week.

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Thank you all very much.


I just noticed these replies, sorry for the late reply. My ISO was 1600 @ 8 second exposure. Not sure about the f stop, as it was a cine manual lens and it didn't record it. I know I wasn't stopped all the way to f/1.4, guessing around 5.6 to f/9.

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