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External intervalometer for ZV-e10?

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Dear all, 

For the most part, I absolutely love using the ZV-e10, but have a hankering to experiment with astrophotography.

The internal interval shooting tool can't be used in bulb mode, and therefore limits me to a slowest shutter speed of 30s. 

The Imaging Edge app doesn't have an intervalometer (unless I'm wrong). And I also need my smartphone connected to the star tracking mount that I use. 

None of the wired intervalometers I've seen are compatible with the ZV-e10, and adapting the one I use with my RX100 to a USB-C connection doesn't work. 

The Sony Bluetooth controller that I have only has a single-press, single-shot operation, with no timing capabilities. I haven't found any Bluetooth alternatives that do. 

Can anyone point me in the direction of a compatible intervalometer?

Many thanks, 



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I have idea i i used with my rx100.

1. Use imagine edge mobile and install app called Intervalomater. It show click shutter  button on top on Imaging edge shutter button. And works. You can try app called Timelapse, too. 

2. You can use sky tracking app in backroun di think. Or Take another phone /tablet ,  buy asto camera zwo585

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