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A Tale Of Woe

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I bought a used a6000 last week, in excellent condition from a reputable store, in my home town. And managed to drop it out of my bag. The only damage was the battery lid, which I was still able to close. The metal behind the door is loose but it closes. I used the camera for a week afterwards with no issues. Today, the LCD is not coming on. The EVF worked initially but then stopped. Does any body have an idea what could be happening? Needless to say I will likely be taking it to the camera store where I bought it for advice. Feel very stupid.

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On 4/5/2023 at 10:57 AM, TheJungleExplorer said:

Sounds like a loose connection.  There is a ribbon cable that connects the display to the camera.  I bet that has come loose. 

Thank You. It is with the  camera repairers at the moment I hope it will not cost too much!

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