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sony rx10mark4 or a7r2

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I have been looking at reviews and videos on the Sony RX10mk4 and I am seriously considering trading in my a7r2 with 24-70 ,55mm and  90 macro for this camera, my flash and remotes and other accessories will still work and I get 600mm.
The video seem just as capable and offer as may frame rates and profiles  if not better and while  you can't aggressively crop like you can with a7r2 sensor you have the longer reach.
Am i missing something or is this a reasonable course to take.?
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This is a very interesting question.

I don't know enough about video to confirm that part. The rest, yes. It's a cool camera that can do stuff your current kit cannot. I'm not sure but you may find AF works better.

When the scene has enough light, the images from all Sony 1"-type cameras are very good.

Relative to 7RM2 there will be more noise when the light is marginal and minimum DoF will be larger. You'll lose the extreme magnification of the 90 macro but RX10M4 is not incapable of nice close-ups, as is typical for good smaller sensor cameras.

SonyAlphaLab.com did a super article comparing RX100M6 vs 7M3 with 24-105. I think a lot of it is relevant to your question. https://bitbucket.org/spinitron/v2/commits/branch/%23522-release-chart-improvments.

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On 11/2/2018 at 10:52 AM, adwb said:

and I get 600mm.

Maybe a little off-topic, but only a little, and this particular quote of yours triggered me, so here goes my story:

My wife occasionally wants to take pictures, too. But seeing me struggling with the intricacies of my a9 she decided, that she didn't want to take on the steep learning curve that's required to master the A9. Besides, she sees my worries regarding dirt/dust on the sensor due to frequent lens changes. So I decided to buy her a "travel camera", all-in-one, hassle-free, no lens-change, with a gigantic zoom-range on top: the Nikon Coolpix P900.  (83x zoom range "equiv" 24-2000mm).  That's right, folks, 2000mm!!!

I mail-ordered it, based on reviews which my wife had pointed me to, and it turned out to be a huge disappointment, at least at the far end of the focal range. I'll spare you the sample images if I may. Plastics casing, a real cheap look and feel on top.Plus lousy image quality at the far end of the touted focal range, tiny view-finder, just awful.

My take from this is:

Do not mail-order a camera which you have never held in your hands before, just based on reviews. Go/Drive to a dealer who will let you try it out in his store and outside, in front of it. See how looks, feel how feels. Then decide, if you like it.

Reading your initial intro into to this thread, I'm now seriously considering going your way for my wife, too. (Selling the Nikon and spending a good grand on top).

Disclaimer: in this ranking (German, sorry), the mentioned Nikon Coolpix P900 comes in at 29th place of 58 cameras tested, with the Sony RX10 mark4 coming in at 1st place. To be fair, the Nikon is a whole different price range, at approx. 1/4th of the price of the Sony. But then again, what good is a cheap camera if you hate its pictures?

Sorry it took me so long, and thanks for your patience.

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4 hours ago, Chrissie said:

Do not mail-order a camera which you have never held in your hands before, just based on reviews


I was following this part of the market for a friend and got the clear impression that only Sony and Panasonic are worth considering. I think Sony may have the lead in AF and IQ but Pana on ergonomics, which may be even more important depending on the person.

I begged her to go to the store and get them in hand. She didn't, got a low end Nikon DSLR and was disappointed. The Live Veiw mode totally failed while she was on a 3-week once-inna-lifetime type adventure.

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