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Olympia mc 200mm f3.3 lens

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I have became user of a6300 few days ago...I found this lens in attic and I was wondering if it can fit my a6300. Mount on this lens is m42 and I found adapter from m42 to e mount but I havent found that anyone has tried it yet. Does anyone of you have experience with m42 mount? Lens is made in Japan. I found there was few versions of same lens with different brand name(Rexatar, samyang). I dont have any experience and this would help me very much :)

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In the end I bought the adapter and lens works ok. I havent have time to try much because its season of blah weather so much rain and cloudy days...I will try it more when weather decide to cooperate little more and fill you with new information 😀

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    • By brthegreat117
      Hey everyone. I'm new to the world of legacy lenses. 
      Modern lenses are a bit out of my price range at the moment, so I'm looking into the legacy lens market for some nice lenses. 
      I currently own a Sony A7 III with a Sony Sonnar Zeiss 55 1.8. The lens is great, but the focusing distance isn't that great. 
      I shoot a lot of action figures, and like a macro lens for still photography. 
      Any recommendations as to what I should be looking for? 
    • By listera
      First two with Canon Macro 100mm f/2.8 and the last with Rokkor 58mm f/1.2+extension tube

      Centaurea tchihatcheffii

      Centaurea tchihatcheffii

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      Listera Ovata
    • By top10
      Hi all! New Sony A7RII owner here.
      I am looking for recommendations for a tele zoom to be used only on the A7RII. I am pretty flexible in terms of focal length and speed, and mostly interested in optical performance as well as price. Size matters, but it is not the most crucial factor.
      Basically, I wish to find a fairly affordable lens which gives a flat field and good, even sharpness across the frame, at least at f/8-11, preferably at f/4-5.6, too. The focal length range should cover at least 100-200mm, over 400mm is definitely not needed, and down to even 28mm range is a nice option (as long as the 100-200mm performance is strong). As the mirrorless Alpha system opens so many possibilities and my requirements are not dictated by the numbers on the lens barrel, I am quite at lost. In this focal length range, I have previously used pretty much all the Canon L zooms and many of the 70-300 type consumer lenses in EF mount. I have no experience on their performance on this new body, and I no longer even have access to any of those lenses. For adapted lenses, I anyway prefer a solution that is usable with a dumb adapter ring (Canon EF isn't).
      The intended use for the lens is mainly tight landscapes and cityscapes. I therefore require the 100-200mm focal length range, and sharpness across frame is very important. May print really big sometimes, and will definitely view big at 4k resolution (and higher as soon as available) including crops. I will certainly use the lens also for detail shots, portraits, and some wildlife and sports. However, sports and birds in flight etc. are no priority, and this need not be the most flattering portrait lens either. Manual focus is just fine, and I currently mostly use MF lenses. Lens speed is secondary, but an f/2.8 lens is interesting. I prefer constant aperture, but it's not a major consideration (and does not rule out the 28-200 type zooms, if there are good alternatives out there). Tripod ring on the lens is good to have, but not a requirement.
      I travel a lot, walk around and do plenty of hikes, so small size is nice. My initial thought therefore is buying two lenses for this tele-zoom-for-landscapes purpose: one good smaller lens, and one bigger lens with higher performance. If a single lens gets the job done, this allows spending more on it. The short-term budget is perhaps about 1000 EUR/USD (for one lens), but I really don't mind going cheap. I don't think I will spend more than 2500 EUR/USD for the one or two lenses combined, and I may not have that much right away. Good adapter should be included in the price, if it isn't a native lens. I have some adapters, but they may be too flimsy for large and heavy lenses, and I have not tested them on the full-frame body so far.
      In summary, what's your recommendation for:
      - Tele zoom covering at least 100-200mm
      - Sharp across the frame
      - May be native or adapted
      - May be AF or MF
      - As small and light as possible (optical performance more important)
      - Should not cost much more than 1000 EUR/USD (with high-quality adapter)
    • By pika
      Dear all.
      I' m Pika a new member, thanks to welcome me in your forum.
      I need an urgent advice cause i'm thinking to switch from Canon to Sony and for many reasons i have to take a decision and buy everything before  10 days 
      Before to choose to but a Sony A 7R 2 I want you ask you if you  know the performance of the following canon lenses on a sony alpha 7R 2 using a metabones IV smart adapter ?
      Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM
      Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM
      Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L USM II
      Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM
      Thanks a lot.
    • By EDBR
      "Front-End Filter Solution" to get corner-to-corner sharpness
      A welcome topic launched to solve the problems with legacy lenses without changing the the thick filter in front of the sensor.
      Correct the problem by putting a front-end filter.
      See topic started here. Would like to share this because the more people become aware of this the better the solutions will be.
      see here: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1453834/0