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Considering buying a Sony a6500 for street photography.  Want to know if it is possible to manually focus the camera to a specific distance and have the camera remember that information so that if the camera goes into sleep mode it will still be set at the same distance when I go to take another photograph.  Have tried to make this work when I was looking at the camera in the store ... but every time the camera wakes up from sleep mode the previous focusing distance is lost..  I rely on hyperfocal distance to shoot street..

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You're right, after waking up manual focus resets, which is quite annoying.

If I needed what you need, I would use a non-autofocus lens.

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      Today was my first time with new Sony a6500 and I was confused about the strong strobing picture when I smooth pan camera. The shutter was set to doubled framerate value obviously. Also, there was a strange flickering of contrast edges when panning. This flickering is especially notable in slow motion. Sometimes the picture freezes and jumps when panning. It does not look like a just rolling shutter. I did not see this effect on YouTube videos with a6500.

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      So I've been wondering about this for a while now, which 70-200 lens to get for my a6500.
      i would use it primarily for surfing photography & video, then secondarily for landscapes etc.
      sony 70-200 f2.8 is out of the question at this time, as it is too expensive.
      so my dilemma is, do i get a sigma/tamron 2.8 or go for the better AF option but smaller aperture in the sony 70-200 f4? all three models are similarly priced so it's only down to the aperture at this point.
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