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Looking to buy my first Alpha. Need advice!

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Hi to all.  New to the forum.  A little about myself. I used to be a Sony guy a long time ago.  Shot a lot of photos with Sony camera.  I got off into the DSLR market back in 2010 and have been shooting Pentax.  But now I am ready to return to Sony.  

Here is my dilemma.  I have a very tight budget, but I shoot for stock photography and need a good quality camera.  I am looking at two models that I think fit my bill, the A7 or the A6000.  I know there are newer models, but I can't afford them right now.  Maybe down the road I might be able to afford a better camera like the A7 III or the A6500, which is why I am struggling to decided.  Here is my issue, if I buy the A7, I will have to go with a non-prime lens.  But if I buy the A6000, I'll enough left over to get one prime lens like the Sony SEL50F18 50mm f/1.8 .  

I want something I can build on and that later, when I upgrade, my lenses will all work.  

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