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A horrible experience

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Hi there

yesterday I flew from Berlin to Bilbao, a not so long trip and with no particular extreme flight height. I had my camera Sony Alpha 7 III
on board and I took 5 or 6 cloud pictures. After a while I decided to take some more and the camera stoped working, it would go on and show me 
the menue, but the screen was black and eve did not show me the pictures I have already taken. After trying again it went absolutely black
and all controls were gone.

After 1 1/2 hours already in Bilbao in my flat, I wanted to test the camera again, of course, and noticed that was it overheated, even it was turned off!
Of course I took the battery out of the camera.
I day later I make a new test, everything cooled down, and miracle, the camera is working!
Is this a known issue about, Sony batteries and flights? Had someone a similar experience?  Of course you hear all the storys about
smarthone and tablet batteries, but I had never heard about this.

As I noted before I am new to this cameras, so is this me??

On my flight back, I will take no risks and take th battery off, so no more cloud pictures, but this is more tha annoying



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On 10/13/2018 at 11:00 AM, Iansky said:

Hope you find out what happened and can share it with us so we can avoid the same problem - glad to hear all is now working again.

Thanks, Sony Service had also no clue, andn said it was probanly a pressure issue in the cabin, OK...
But everything is working fine since then

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On 10/15/2018 at 7:33 AM, jamescooper said:


I think your camera screen was turn off to conserve battery power as there was no activity for a long time.



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Glad to hear it all worked after being back on terra firma - I wonder if anyone else has experienced this as well and I would be surprised if it was down to pressure in the aircraft.

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