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Help! Noticing consistent line of pink pixels

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One thing I learned from PhotographyLife is fixing Hot and Dead Pixels. Reset the date a month back or forward (I will do two to three months) and turn off the camera but wait for the camera to do a click, it is doing a capture like a high ISO exposure over one second. But is looking for dead (white) and hot (red) pixels. People were sending cameras back to makers to have sensors fixed and manufactures where just doing this and sending back. I do Milky Way capture and back in 2015 when everyone was saying (turn off Noise Reduction) but I was seeing these red and white pixels on my new A7S. Later learned also that Lr tries to get rid of red and white pixels when you import to the develop module (maybe reason for lost stars not the camera). Oh! do not forget to return to current date and again wait to hear the click. I do this every night before going out with either of my A7S or A7R2. And alway leave NR "ON" let the camera fix Noise so you do not did to do in post!!!!

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    • By Shlyker
      Purchased an indipro regulated Sony dummy battery to female barrel connector for a shoot in June from Hot Rod Camera. I was planning to power my camera off of the power out on the handles for my Tilta G1 gimbal. Tested very briefly in store (30 sec) and it worked fine. Took the rig out for this shoot the next morning to a remote location several hours away. Set the rig up and all was well for about 10 minutes, at which point the camera crashed and burned completely. The screen went completely pink and upon any attempt to reboot it would either show solid pink, or a confetti of rgb on the screen in video mode. In photo mode it would give an image that was slowly overtaken by green and magenta noise the longer the camera stayed on. Nightmare. Needless to say the shoot was a complete loss and I took the part back to Hot Rod. They put a volt meter on both the handles (power out) and the cable, but neither showed any voltage issues at that moment. The cable was a little higher than the advertised voltage but I suppose within tolerance. I just cant believe that it could be anything else when the camera I had had for just over a year (1 week out of warranty!) with no issues, could be a complete and total loss after 10 minutes of using this new product.
      Hot Rod spent several months going back and forth with Precision Repair (Sony's repair house) but got nowhere. Indipro won't take any responsibility without outside confirmation that it was their product. I'm to the point that I've taken this on myself, and after having sent Precision three emails in two weeks, I've yet to hear a word from anyone there. The fact that Sony's authorized repair facility is this unresponsive and opaque in their process is totally unacceptable to me. I can't believe a company this established has such massively unhelpful customer service. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Is this a total fluke? This is my 4th Sony camera, and 1st that's required any real maintenance, but if this is how things are handled I'm out...
    • By PeterAllen
      I just brought the Sony 6300. When changing up the settings i haven't got the option to to change to 4K 24fps and 1080 120fps. On the File format XAVC S HD and the options for record settings: 50p 50M, 25p 50M, 100p 100M and 100p 60M. Here i should have the option to change to 120p 100M but don't. If you know why or have any theories please respond will be a great help! Would show a picture but only aloud to upload 0.98MB! 
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      OK, I've been having a problem with dark areas on images taken with apertures of about f11 and smaller for a while.

      There are at least 2 very noticable areas of dirt on the sensor, but despite my best efforts to clean it on several occasions using a wet cleaning kit (swabs, sensor fluid etc. - you probably all know the drill) but unfortunately the dirt seems to be encrusted on the sensor and will not budge.

      Does anyone have any thoughts on other techniques that I couls use to remove the dirt that may be more effective?

      Thanks in advance.
    • By mikejones3
      I have a sony a9 and love doing landscape photography, but would like a ND filter. I am new to filters and would love some recommendations, are there any that work on any lens size? I am nervous about buying one to only use on one of my lenses.