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Upgrade Advice - Keeping Use of My Bagful of Accessories.

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Am I the only person in the forum still using an A200? 

I doubt there are many -  but the time has come to upgrade. 

I do not have the budget for a flagship, but I'm open to second hand.

One thing I would like to do is keep use of as many of my accessories as possible. 

The model range is pretty bewildering since I last had reason to look. I've found myself going round in circles.

I have a hit list of specific features I would like to get in the upgrade.

I'm hoping that armed with a list of my accessories and the new camera feature wish list, one of you Sony aficionados may be able to suggest what from the range may fit the bill.



  • HVL-F36AM Flash
  • VG-B30AM Battery Grip
  • 4 x Minolta/Alpha Mount Lenses



  • Video
  • Wi-Fi (or some form of mobile transfer, Bluetooth, NFC, whatever)

Big Plus Points

  • Live View (viewed¬†on PC or laptop)¬†
  • External Mic connection


  • Articulated LCD
  • General Spec increase - won't be hard from a 200


Any suggestions as to which of Sony's models will tick most boxes from the above will be very gratefully received.  


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