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A6500, MC-11 and Canon Lenses

Richard Crowe

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I am new to Sony cameras and have an A6500 plus an MC-11 adapter.

Generally what is the best focus set up for this combination.

Jason Lanier seems to be able to get face detect with the A6500, MC-11 and a Canon 85mm lens (I don't know if it is the f/1.2L or the f/1.8).

I have a Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens and would like to use it with the MC-11 on my A6500 especially for portraits.


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From a little bit of research and personal experience, 

Focus Area: Flexible Spot (Large or Medium)

Type of AF: Phase AF Points

Focus Mode: Single Shot


If Jason Lanier is getting decent focus with AF-C, it is most likely because he has well lit subjects. He also uses an A7III which shouldn't make that big of a difference, but it still can be the difference. He uses the 85mm F1.2 lens in most of the MC-11 reviews, so I assume he used it in the one you watched.


Hope this helps!



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