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85mm f1.8 first portrait images - loving it.

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I have recently purchased the Sony 85mm f1.8 to use on my A7iii for portrait work and had the opportunity to try it out yesterday when we were in Bath celebrating my wife's 65th birthday.

It was an overcast day but we found a suitable area and I used some fill flash to lifet her from the back ground.

The eye focus is amazing and never missed a beat locking on very quickly.

This is one of the images



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Nice pictrue!

I enjoy mine a lot too.

Remember (and this is not a comment on the above shot, which I honestly like) that you don't have to use f/1.8 just because it's there. Don't become a yet another blur fetishist.

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Thanks thefsb,

The reason I got this lens was to shoot portraits wide open (as I have done with my other brand 85's) and eliminate backgrounds etc, if a studio shot I will probably use f2.8 / 4 depending on how much of the subject I want to be sharp.

I do find the fall off from POF to be very pleasing on this lens and complimentary to the subject.

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