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Lense for Astro photography


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On 9/3/2018 at 8:31 PM, Defyyy said:

Hey guys,

i want a lens for my a7r2 to make some sick astro shots any recommendations?

i thought about the Sigma AF 1,4/20 DG HSM A Sony FE-Mount



Just a suggestion ... you may want to look into using an old SLR lens with an adapter. When looking at the sky focus is not an issue (everything is at infinity) and fiddling-with-exposure is half-the-fun (and most of the older SLR lenses are relatively inexpensive).

Here, attached, is a picture I took a few days ago from my driveway about 10:30 at night.

Camera        - Sony A7iii 'mirrorless' digital
Lens          - Canon 55mm f/1.2
Exposure Time - 1/60th sec
Aperture      - f/1.2
'ISO'         - 12,800

I used 'IrfanView' and tweaked the gamma to suppress big-city sky brightness and pull-up the stars. (In the future I hope to be able to do some 'dark frame' noise subtraction but haven't learned what software to use yet.)

Best Regards;

- Paul


DSC00068 -p -r.jpg

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On 9/3/2018 at 8:31 PM, Defyyy said:

Hey guys,

i want a lens for my a7r2 to make some sick astro shots any recommendations?

i thought about the Sigma AF 1,4/20 DG HSM A Sony FE-Mount



Here's a picture of the Moon that I took about an hour ago from my driveway (the Moon is so bright that streetlights don't cause any significant problem). It was taken with my Sony A7iii Camera and the Canon FD-series 500mm/f8 catadioptric mirror lens using a purely mechanical lens adapter.

- Paul


DSC00087 -e3.jpg

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7 hours ago, Chrissie said:

That's quite a remarkable result, considering the rather low price of this lens. 

Thanks but it wasn't difficult. The Sony A7iii Camera has an internal 'zoom' feature (somehow not the same as a 'digital zoom') and it allows for a X2 multiplier (I suppose that gave the equivelent of a 1,000mm focal length lens). What's frustrating is that there's a X10 focusing aid multiplier ... with that on lunar features are really visible .... but there's no way (that I know of) to take a photo with that active.

- Paul

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      I tried astrophotography for the first time this weekend, and have a few questions.
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      Anyway - I tried 30 seconds F4 on approximately 16mm, on a tripod of course. I can see glimpses of the milky way, but not as clearly as the "typical" astro-photo you'd see from an experienced photographer.
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      Still loving my A7R2....   just finished a surfing trip to Maldives aboard a boat for 10 days...  we were parked a fair distance from the surf break and longest lens I had was my FE 4/70-200 G OSS.
      While I got some OK shots I could crop into... nothing was close enough.
      I borrowed our surf guide's Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 A022 with Canon mount and used it on my Metabones EF-E mount.......    even at 600mm there was still a lot of wasted real estate in the pixels, and although I used a monopod to carry the weight, it was very hard to stop even tiniest movements on a rocking boat...  but still managed to get some magic for my mates when I wasn't surfing.
      Original frame reduced to 10% size, and then crop into 1:1 frame to 1800x1200px.    
      1/800th sec, f11, auto ISO 800, manual focus trying to lock into the distant area for faster shooting (although automatic focus still worked)
      Probably should have stayed at at least 1000th sec.
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