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a6500: Center Focus area expands to full screen when using digital zoom.

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I have been trying to learn how to use both clear image zoom and digital zoom on my a6500.  I have found that the small center focus area automatically changes to full screen  with zoom on. This makes it difficult to track and focus in on small, mobile critters, because in burst mode the focus sometimes drifts off the critter and homes in background objects.🙄Any suggestions on how to stay focused with the 6500 zoom feature.

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I have abandoned the use of digital zoom and I am using the 55-210 Sony emount lens plus the Olympus 1.7 extender for long zoom work. The settings for this configuration are center focus area and "DMF" focus mode. This allows some refinement of the focus using the focus ring. This works ok for slow targets but is problematic for fast targets. One possible solution is to fine tune the focus; however, the 6500 will not permit the use of focus fine tuning for this emount lens, claiming the feature is intended for "A" mount lenses with adaptors. I wonder if sony's own lens doublers, magnifiers and extenders used with the 55-210 lens would get permission to fine tune focus??? Perhaps there is a way to override this setting somehow.

I think Sony could answer this; how do I address them directly?

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