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Paintball Video with the A7II


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  • 7 years later...
On 6/10/2015 at 1:08 PM, mindfest said:

Hey Guys,


i made a vid at the Millenium Series Paintball event in Bitburg Germany. Filmed with sony Alpha 7 II except the obvius action cam footage. The anti-shake works very well so i didn´t use a mono pod or similar.
I hope you like it


What a match. I'm really surprised from the performence of both team. Wish to play it.

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    • hello... I got this info in different youtube vids, but watch the end of this one where they go into the video review of the A7RV... I would gladly post examples, but dont have access to any of those lenses. I'm asking this because I'm trying to figure out what the min. focal length I would need so that when cropped in for APSC and the rest, that it would still be wide enough. If I don't shoot APSC, I can get away w/ a less wide lens, but then I guess the quality goes down, sharpness, rolling shutter, etc.
    • Can you detail more on what aspects will benefit from APS-C mode? Never heard of this before and I am really curious. The corners of the sensor are the hardest to stabilize since they are moving the most trying to smooth out our hand movement, so by cropping into the sensor you take the corners out of the equation, which might yield better results, not sure about it, but worth a try. Can you make a quick comparison test with a 24mm vs a 16mm cropped in test and post it here? It would be very interesting to see your results.
    • I've been reading that the quality is better in APS-C mode ,but I'm finding that w/ my lenses, I'm not able to get in tighter spaces with the 1.5x crop, not to mention adding crop for active steady shot, focus breathing, etc. (which aren't as significant as APS-C). If I don't shoot APS-C, what am I losing? How much better is APS-C mode and in what way? I have to decide if to film normally or to rent/borrow a wider angle lens so that after cropping I can still have a wide enough lens for the shot. e.g. is it better to film w/ a 24mm lens not cropped, or a 16 or 20mm lens and crop in. Which has better quality or is it negligible? I heard also something to do w/ electronic rolling shutter is better w/ aps-c. what about stabilization, etc. Pros and cons? Thanks!
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