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Is Sony ever going to fix their Manual White Balance for Underwater video

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I am looking to purchase an underwater videography setup. Sony cameras are by far the best in all features except one, manual white balance.

The manual white balance has an upper limit of 9900K which is nowhere near enough for an underwater camera setup.

Does Sony have any intention to fix this issue in any of their cameras?

This manual white balance issue has existed through multiple models of Sony cameras.

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skating 101, etc.

I have noted a couple of posts on the subject of colour balancing underwater. The illumination of a subject underwater depends on the intensity of the light source, the total water transmission path of the light to the subject and then reflected back to the camera lens, the colour of the water etc. As water filters light differentially across the spectrum you have a complex situation which is made even more complex by adding an artificial light source subject to the same constraints. Glass filters do not add colour they subtract the colours that are less important so the colour you are looking for becomes more dominant. This means that adding a colour filter to your camera can only produce acceptable colour within a limited depth range and one camera to subject distance quite a problem for a free swimming diver. No solution will satisfy all conditions but options include ;

1) Add a glass filter sold for the purpose and establish its limitations in which you dive. 

2) Use daylight lamps and establish their how effective they are in your dive conditions.

3) Colour balance on a white board at the depth you are working to ease colour correction in post.

4) Establish Picture Profiles that you can dial in to your camera for the different areas or depths in which you work.

Hope this helps a little!


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