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Can not change aperture on SEL50M28 FE 50mm F2.8

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Yesterday the lens was working fine, now on 2 different bodies I can not change the aperture - it just shows an F on screen with no number. I can not focus it and on my aii it comes up with a warning saying the lens is not attached correctly or is not supported.

There is no visible damage (it was working fine yesterday and has been stored well since then) I've given the gold things a wipe with a soft cloth, tried on different bodies etc etc.

Very frustrating. There is no Sony repair place anywhere near me. Any advice appreciated.



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Typically means the communication to the Lens is not working. Try attaching again, and just twisting it a little on the mount, normally there is a little rotation possible beyond the lock point, perhaps the contact will improve. Or cleaning the electrical contacts with some alcohol (not the kind you drink) or a similar cleaner.



Edit: You could also reset the camera, however not sure it would help.


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