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Good morning to everyone,

I’m new to this forum and the same to Sony’s world.

Could you please suggest a charger? As for spare battery I am going to buy an original one but I cant make up my mind about the charger as there’s a big difference in price between the Sony one and the others.

Which one have you chosen?


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I have KingMa chargers (very convenient, charges two batteries at a time, a little dock that sits on my desk).  They run about $10.  I have had one for my Sony A6xxx and A7r cameras for around four years with no issues whatso ever.   No reason to buy an expensive unit.  I just recently got the KingMa for my A7III and again no problems.  Even has an LED light that turns green when fully charged.

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On 7/1/2018 at 9:57 AM, Fabercula said:

Could you please suggest a charger?

Hi! I'm use:

- Original Sony BC-TRW

- Original Sony AC-UUE12 (from A6300 kit) direct in camera

- Nitecore USN1 for FW50 (B&H) + Sony Powerbanks or AC-UUE12.

Nitecore USN1 it is the best battery charger from third-party at the moment. Accumulators are fixed on the battery charger, there is a test, protection of a recharge, 1A.  It is possible to use phone charger with USB if she not less than 1A.


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