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Splinter Cell: In The Shadows // Sony a7rii, Pilotfly H2, Atomos Shogun


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We made this short film in anticipation of a Splinter Cell game being announced at E3. Whilst that doesn't appear to be coming true, no reason for everyone to not enjoy the short.

A really hard production on me - one man band and action films with loads of setups in just 3 days is a LOT of work. Radio mics were super handy (Rodelink).


I used the a7rii due to it having better autofocus than the sii, and also the lower rolling shutter in full frame mode (which we needed for the woods scene at the start).




We also used a Sony RX100V on top of a light stand to film all the CCTV shots, and a DJI Mavic pro for the drone stuff. The thermal imaging stuff is real thermal imaging (a FLIR camera on an iPhone X) - hence it's low resolution and frame rate.


Feel free to ask me any questions or post feedback and I hope you enjoy it!



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