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    • By mikeojohnson
      Mountain Gorilla portrait in Rwanda.
      A9, 70-200 @200mm, f/5.6, 1/160/ iso 400

    • By keith meinhold
      Backyard at Sunset, Florida
      a6000 | 18-105/f4 @18mm/f4 ISO  | 1/15 sec  | 100
      Keith Meinhold

      Literally ran into the house changed lenses and snapped this shot handheld seconds before the light disappeared.

    • By Romeo Bravo Photo
      Hey All,
      I can't seem to decide between Color or B&W on this shot.  Any help is appreciated...
      Shot with a Sony a7R II and a Leica 135/2.8

    • By IBB
      Each year in an small Spanish city called Guadalajara situated 40 min in car travel away from Madrid.

      One event takes place:
      The Story marathon is a continuous story narrated event during 46 hours, where citizens from the own city and another guests from diferent parts of culture or civil society participate narrating a continious story in most cases improvised.

      This event is surrounded by diferent activities, including music and drawings or artisan small market products.

      I took this picture where people is drawing close to the spot where the people set the stage for the continuous story.

      Just bought the A6000 camera last week and this was one the first times i was testing the camera out of home with the 16-55mm kit objetive

      If you wanna see another pictures i took with my A6000 or with the old equip (i am coming from Nikon) you can see them in this 500px


    • By syncusoidal
      a6000 with Canon nFD 50mm f1.4, unknown aperture