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    • By Tpcaptain
      I have became user of a6300 few days ago...I found this lens in attic and I was wondering if it can fit my a6300. Mount on this lens is m42 and I found adapter from m42 to e mount but I havent found that anyone has tried it yet. Does anyone of you have experience with m42 mount? Lens is made in Japan. I found there was few versions of same lens with different brand name(Rexatar, samyang). I dont have any experience and this would help me very much :)
    • By GeorgeAvge
      Some of the images I took with my Sony A6300 during my visits at the Dolomites. Any time of year you visit this amazing place it has so much to offer for landscape and travel photographers. With magnificent alpine lakes, majestic mountains, small graphical churches in the outdoors the photo possibilities are endless.
      If you like my work you can see more at:
      My website

      My Instagram

    • By brthegreat117
      Hey everyone. I'm new to the world of legacy lenses. 
      Modern lenses are a bit out of my price range at the moment, so I'm looking into the legacy lens market for some nice lenses. 
      I currently own a Sony A7 III with a Sony Sonnar Zeiss 55 1.8. The lens is great, but the focusing distance isn't that great. 
      I shoot a lot of action figures, and like a macro lens for still photography. 
      Any recommendations as to what I should be looking for? 
    • By bigtommy79
      I've just bought an A7ii and it doesn't seem to be able to charge the battery.
      When charging, the orange LED comes on after two or three seconds. It's then on for about nine to ten seconds before turning off. This happens with the supplied cables/pack and also others I have tried. It's a consistent nine to ten seconds it is on for, does this mean anything?
      Is this a camera or battery problem? Or am I doing something wrong?