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Error This accessory is not supported by the device

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I'm trying to use the FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander with my Sony a6000 and it's giving me the error message 'This accessory is not supported by the device and cannot be used. Please verify the compatibility with the device.'


When I had tried using it a couple of days ago I didn't get this message. I've attached my flash as well, which is the HVL-F45RM and I didn't get this error message.


How can I get it so this error goes away so I can use the Wireless Radio Commander?

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Also ... FWIW ... occasionally such 

seeming inconsistency is related to 

the chrono-order in which you hook 

up stuff vs when you power up stuff.  


When both the accessory and the

camera are powered down/off, then 

hook up everything. Then power up 

the acc'y before the camera. Thaz 

the usually successful order, but at 

times a different order may be best.   

That way the acc'y is "live" and so

the camera can sense its presence

as the camera "wakes up and looks 

around". If you're lucky. 


Anywho, work out the order for the 

gear involved, starting at the above 

described "usually successful" and 

if you hafta go beyond that, do take 

careful notes !  

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