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Mount Cook and Lake Pukaki

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Mount Cook might be said by some not to be the prettiest of mountains, but it is imposing. That's what keeps me coming back. Last time I camped in a site along the Tasman river, but as I would miss the light along the road to Mount Cook, I decided to head to Queenstown in order to try and get to Milford Sound tomorrow as the forecast is good. That's a 4 hour drive from here...I did a 9 hour drive from Christchurch today having only landed from Sydney at 2am...hoped to have an early start, but I wouldn't have had these from this angle had I left at 8 or 9am...


Sony A7RIII FE 100 - 400 GM - All Handheld...


1. f/8 1/160 247mm ISO 200


42104819821_ffcde2cd65_b.jpgImposing Mount Cook by singingsnapper, on Flickr


2. f/8 1/80 100mm ISO 400


41385322914_7dc0e6c54a_b.jpgA walk along the shores of Pukaki by singingsnapper, on Flickr


3. f/9 1/40 ISO 400 100mm


27234696877_6b910f5784_b.jpgA walk along the shores of Pukaki 1 by singingsnapper, on Flickr



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