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Sony A6000 with 1.21 firmware update!

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Define soon? Awhile back we heard that they had 1.21 out for the A7II in Japan and that it would help with low light focusing issues so I check everyday but it never comes. I think this is where Sony could improve definitely (as they suck at it now) and build some better customer relations. Perhaps take a page from Fuji and their Kaizen approach to their software. People scream for new cameras to come out but how about they spend more time with the hot sellers they have now and get some polish going on them before coming out with new ones and forgetting they ever made the older ones? 



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If it's out in japan, it's out already.


If you wanna wait for it to be on the

Sony USA site, thaz a rather narrow view

of the world. Just download it from the

japan site. IIRC, there's an english

language choice on the Sony home page,

as is typical at the homepage of various

multinationals/globals/etc etc.


It's not a lack of support by Sony, it's

a lack of initiative by users.



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