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    • By jonas
      Hi all

      I'm curious about your experience regarding bluetooth connectivity on the Sony A7 III.

      The reason why I'm asking is that when I lent a Fujifilm X-T3 it would always instantly connect to my phone and start to geotag my photos. I don't think the app was running in the foreground even.

      But with my A7 III I need to start the app, sometime force-quit it, turn on the camera and start the app again. The sequence is very important because if I open the app before I turn on my camera it won't work. This is very annoying because I like to geo-tag my photos all the time, but this is such a hassle that I don't.

      I would like it to work as fluent as fujis system.

      I've deleted and reinstalled the app I've removed the connection between my phone and Sony A7III and reconnected I've reset the connection on my camera
      Phone: iPhone Xs Max and iPhone 7
      Camera: Sony A7III

      What is your experience? Should I get my camera serviced?

    • By bambisfinest
      Hello, I am wondering whether there is an app to control my Sony a 6000 with my iPhone. What I need: something like the smart remote control app from the playmemories app but with a built in intervalometer (like timelapse) I want to program the camera to take for example one photo every second, but I also need a live view and want to change settings like aperture, iso, shutter and so on. The smart remote control app only has a 2s and 10s timer and it will then only take 1 shot. I want it to take 1 shot every second for a certain period of time, without losing focus (with AF and face recognition ON). Thx for your help guys :)
    • By TravelShooter13
      I recently started photography and I purchased a Sony a7iii (loving it). I was curious - is there any reason to shoot RAW files when using the send to smartphone function via the PlayMemories app? I know the camera automatically compresses the file into JPEG when sending to the smartphone so it's not actually sending a RAW file, but I wasn't sure if the end quality is better when the original file is in RAW format? Is the transferred file going to be better because the original file started with better (raw) quality? Or should I just save myself the space on my memory card and shoot in JPEG? 
    • By jeff
      Is it possible to zoom in (say 5x or 10x) to check focus via the Playmemories App?  Not zoom the lens I just want to be able to double check focus when the camera is mounted out of reach.  The app seems to be woefully simple (or limited) when compared to the A series cameras, example no way to set up an HDR bracket???  I ask because I am wondering if I am missing obvious setting that the app can in fact do?
      Any help is appreciated.
    • By padraicomeara
      When transferring files from a7riii via PlayMemories to IPhone over WiFi. How do I maintain the color(or b&w) profiles look to my images? I take time to set the look of my images so I have a jpg I like in camera. And every time I transfer the image to my phone it seems to have lost my preset look? I’ve tried doing this with full res jpgs- and with the embedded raw preview jpg. Please help!

      Reason I want to do this is to make quick social media posts- and I don’t want to spend half my life fiddling with my phone - recreating a look I am already happy with in camera. I’ll absolutely take the raw files later down the line and edit them properly on my Mac.


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