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PlayMemories Mobile: Deleting images

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I transfered a photo from my camera to my iPhone using the latest version of PlayMemories Mobile. The transfer worked, I can see the image in the PlayMemories app, but there seems to be no way to delete the image.


I tried removing the app ("and all associated data", according to the iPhone dialog); but when I reinstalled, the same image popped up in the app, suggesting that the image is stored in some location not associated with the app and not only can't be deleted in the app, but remains on my phone, taking up space, even after the app is removed.  


Reading through Sony's Help pages, reading through Forum posts, and Googling doesn't even find any mention of deleting images on the app. 


Is there a way to delete images in the PlayMemories Mobile app on iPhone?  Have I somehow misunderstood what's going on here?

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Have you activated the "All_Sync" option? In that case your images would have been automatically uploaded to some online storage area, i.e. "The Cloud".


- When the All Sync function is on, imported photos are automatically uploaded to "PlayMemories Online" after importing.


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