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Studio lighting Nikon SBs and universal radio triggers for my Sony A7R3, A7S & A6000

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Dear friends,

I come from a Nikon based system and had and have all needed with regards to flashes and strobes together with radio triggers (PW Mini TT1, AC3 and three TT5s). Also have two AlienBees 400 and 1600 with all the needed gear, octabox beauty dishes, umbrellas ASO.


My problem right now is that apart from not being able to sell the PWizards, I find myself not being able to fire three lights with a universal transmitter and the corresponding triggers with the equipment I now have. I can get the two AlienBees to fire either with one trigger and the other firing with the sensor in manual mode, but I still need a third flash for the background.


I have three speedlights SB-900, SB-800 and SB-600, but I can't make them work with the MiniTT1/AC3 mounted on the hot shoe of my Sony.


FYI, I do also have a Witstro and Godox X1T to work on exteriors and a small Nissin i40 mini flash, but I don't think I can use either of them in my small studio (garage). The Phottix ODIN transmitter and one receiver works great, but I can't even dream of purchasing two more receivers/triggers for their price and the impossibility to plug them into a Nikon Flash.


 Any suggestions will be much appreciated, even if it all works manually (a bit of a bummer), but would go for it since I haven't cash to spare for a new and expensive multi radio system.


Best regards,

Spanish Flyer

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Guest Jaf-Photo

No idea, really, but Godox X1T works very well with Sony. They have a good and affordable range from small sppedlights to powerful studio strobes that work off the same trigger. So maybe sell the Nikon gear to a Nikon user and get a system that works with Sony?

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