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Sony A7rii Extremely Poor Low Light Video

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Hi There, 


I recently switched to the Sony A7rii from the Canon 6D.


I had heard great reviews about the Sony Camera's low light capabilities.


I know the Sony A7sii has better low light capabilities than the Sony A7rii, but I was under the impression that the Sony A7rii still had pretty darn good low light capabilities.


I am finding my low light footage about on par with a Canon Rebel.  At ISO of around 1200 it becomes unusable (even trying to fix in post)


I have tried shooting in S-Log, and switching to 35mm, but it is all pretty awful.


So my question is:  Is this normal? Could I be doing something wrong? Maybe I got a defective model?


Here is an example.  The ISO was around 3200.



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Yep, it can be a disappointment.

I often shoot video with a friend on a clapped-out 5D mk2, and his video often looks much better than mine on my A7r2.

However, a lot of this is to do with Canon having a much prettier, richer native colour.

Another however: he is shooting at 800/1000, and I am shooting at 3200. So I get many more shots, and by shooting in PP7, with everything set flat, then noise isn't a problem that can't be dealt with in post, using FCPX exposure controls. 

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