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Sigma f2.8 primes or the Sony’s

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Hi all I have finally sold my Nikon’s and bought a Sony A6000 !!!

I now need help with glass ! I was going to get the Sigma f2.8 primes 19mm,30mm and the 60mm but I have noticed that I could get the Sony 30mm macro and the Sony 50mm f1.8 along with the 19mm sigma instead.

Has anyone used the 30mm macro to shoot portraits with as in that focal length that’s what I’d use it for but as it’s a macro as well I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone as they say ?

I understand I lose PDAF across the frame with the sigmas too.

What would you suggest ? Please know these are my only options cost wise, I cannot afford the GM series


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"Tradition" on this forum is to always ignore 

your budget and insist you must, somehow,  

get the GM lenses ......  




However I'll leave that to upholders of their

tradition/religion and will confirm this much:  


1. Both of your ideas are excellent ... and  


2. The more you stick with Sony native 

lenses the better off you'll be, especially 

as the system evolves. IOW I favor your 

second option [with the macro].  

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I am in exactly the same place.  Just sold a Nikon to get an A6000.  I picked up a used Sony 50/1.8 and am very happy with it, especially as a portrait lens.  Very good value, especially when purchased used.  It is night and day better than the kit - sharpness, color, contrast are all better.  Plus it's faster.


In terms of Sony v Sigma, you may want to check out "Technology Mafia" on youtube.  He specializes in Sony A6x00 topics and has done a few head-to-head comparisons.  These are very helpful.


It's a challenge to find great glass at a great price.  Good luck!

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Guest Jaf-Photo

Can't argue with 50/1.8 or 19/2.8.


Do consider the 35/1.8 too. It's a great all-round lens that performs very well on A6000. I use it as my preferred walk-around lens. A 30mm macro is not a useful focal length. You could be better off getting extension tubes. Another option could be getting a used copy of the old kitlens, which is 18-55mm. The is is miles better than the 16-50mm and It's nice to have the versatility.


A third option would be to skip the three primes and go for the Sony Zeiss 24/1.8. It will give you the best IQ of the lot and has a short focus limit which allows you to take anything from wide shots to close-ups. It may be counter-intuitive to start with one lens but in reality you'll rarely be switching back and forth between primes while shooting.

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An especial "amen" to option #2 [old 18-55]. 


They shipped on the Nex-7 and a3000, and 

as of the Nex-6 [Nex-6 intro'd after Nex-7] it  

was already history. But they're easy to find 

as affordable cast-off kit lenses as users felt   

an urge to "upgrade".  


I like it so much that I keep a spare, as the

spare cost so little. 

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