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Please explain! I made about 25 pictures with my A 6000 at different days. After that I could display all pictures as usual. Few days ago I could display and see only 6 pictures while others (made on one particular day)  were not displayed with the explanation: "unable to display". The numbers were running but the pictures were not displayed. Also when I put the card into computer the same pictures were not displayed. But when I checked the properties of the card the size on the card is containing also the MB ob non displayed pictures. Please share the similar experience  and eventually make me understand what happened! Thank you. 

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Did you do ANYTHING to the SoC images other 

than view them ? The camera FW will only show 

"virgin, uncorrupted" image files.  


My PC will show images that my camera will not 

show, images that I accidentally re-saved to the 

card after rotating or otherwise altering them on 

the PC. But your viewing software on your PC is 

likely not the same as mine... and is perhaps just 

as "discriminating" as the camera's FW. After all, 

if the weight of the files is undiminished, then the 

files are there ... but they have been altered. 

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