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AP captures look like aberrations. Help!

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I'm using an a6000 and a newbie in photography. I know the basics. And atm, I am using the kit lens.


My photos at night looks like aberrations or infrared-ish. Settings would be f3.5, iso between 800-3200, 10s-30s. I use my phone and it captures better with manual though i cannot change fstops.


I'm frustrated and near regretting my decision to purchase a sony.


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Guest Jaf-Photo

I'm guessing that your phone camera applies a lot of noise reduction. This probably looks better on the small screen, but it won't if you compare them side by side on a computer screen.


Also, if you're down to 1/10s you'll probably have camera shake that adds extra blur.


Using a camera is a learning curve, while a camera phone is designed to do everything for you. That's the difference. As a photographic tool there's nothing wrong with the A6000. You can take pro quality images with it, if you practice.

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