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Is there a battery charger supplied with the A7iii?

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Hi all, my first post so be gentle! After a few weeks consideration I have took the plunge and am moving over from Nikon to Sony. I have preordered the A7iii from Jessops in the U.K. for delivery week commencing 9th April, and already bought a 70-200 f/2.8 GM lens ready to go.


I read yesterday that the A7iii does not come supplied with a battery charger but I have seen several videos where there are electric cables in the box?


So my question is simple - does the UK version of the A7iii come with a battery charger supplied, or is that something else I have to purchase?


If it doesn’t, I presume it’s a question of charging it through the USB port?


If I have to buy one, are there any alternative makes or does it have to be a Sony?


Thanks in advance :)

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The A7 III does not come with a battery charger, meaning you only get an AC adapter and plug it into the USB port of the camera (so you can't really use your camera while the battery is charging). 


Since the original charger is quite expensive, I've decided to try out a third party device first. Ordered one from eBay (DSTE Charger for Sony NP-FZ100 for 10$), has yet to arrive. I don't think there will be any issue if you don't use the original charger, Li-Ion batteries are not that fragile and do not require an extremely stable voltage. The DSTE charger even has a built-in battery protection and fault detection, will automatically stop when the charging is complete.

Just be careful with multi-port devices which charge two or more batteries at once (cheap devices with a simple parallel circuit could harm the batteries).  

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I find that, rather strange, as I pre ordered an A9 though a London Jessops, and it came with a charger.

My partner, ordered an A 7 R lll   through the same shop, and hers also came with a charger.


My older A7 ll  however, did not come with a charger, so I just bought a cheap non Sony one, and it worked perfectly.


Before rushing out & buying a charger, check the contents of the box first.


Also, some shops & amazon, sell chargers that include a spare battery.




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What's strange about that?? The A7III costs 1k / 2.5k less than the A7rIII / A9. It's kind of obvious that Sony tries to reduce cost by omitting a charger.

I'm just upgrading from Canon to the A7III and think that not getting a battery charger w/ a $2000 camera is not cool.

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