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    • By GeorgeAvge
      Some of the images I took with my Sony A6300 during my visits at the Dolomites. Any time of year you visit this amazing place it has so much to offer for landscape and travel photographers. With magnificent alpine lakes, majestic mountains, small graphical churches in the outdoors the photo possibilities are endless.
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    • By Martin NZ
      Fireworks display in Wellington Harbour (New Zealand) celebrating “Matariki”, or the traditional beginning of the New Year for Maori.
    • By listera
      First two with Canon Macro 100mm f/2.8 and the last with Rokkor 58mm f/1.2+extension tube

      Centaurea tchihatcheffii

      Centaurea tchihatcheffii

      Muscari azureum
      Listera Ovata
    • By maskofwraith
      85mm f1.8
      No flash
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