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Sony a7 iii rig

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Hi there,


I'm considering purchasing the new a7 iii (rather than a7s ii) for run and gun feature film (doc style) production. I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out what I need to purchase in order to create a rig like the attached pic:


-I know this includes the atomos ninja external recorder (which I plan to get)

-Any suggestions on favorite/best stabilizers/ support systems? 


Also, if anyone believes it would be smarter to get the a7s ii (rather than iii), I'd be interested in hearing -- so far the advantages I've found (finer detail sometimes, MAYBE a little better low light performance) seem to underwhelm when considering the great advantages/new additions of the iii. 


Thank you so much! Obv happy to share my progress/lessons learned with others as helpful!!



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