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Do you find the Sony A7RII batteries to be sub par?

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The Sony A7RII batteries seem to discharge pretty fast by just sitting. I've used many systems (Pentax, Leica, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Olympus) and the Sony seems to be the worst.


What about you?


It would not be so bad if Sony didn't charge a bunch of $ for their batteries. The fresh charged batteries do OK in the camera, am satisfied. But my complaint is the fast discharge rate from sitting just over a couple months.

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I have used many different systems as well, but don't find the sony batteries worse. They are just too small, but that is fixed in the a7riii.   B.t.w., on my a7ii i used 3rd party batteries as well, and they performed the same as the original sony batteries at less then half the price. And they all lose charge a little. 

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