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Sony A9: Simult recording mode questions

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I have a Sony A9 (Still trying to learn all the settings) and I recently lost some pictures because a card got corrupted while shooting.


I decided to now use the second card reader slot and set the camera to simult for recording mode. Assuming this records pictures to both slots?


Also Assuming since my camera is set to shoot raw that it will record in raw on both?

My last question is, how do I accesses the second card when I plug it into my computer so I can clear both cards to delete images after importing? And assuming lightroom will only import from the slot one card?

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Yes. Simultaneous will record to both cards. You can configure whether to write RAW images to both cards, or RAW to one and JPG to another, and lots of other options.


I shoot with two a9's daily and have never had a card become corrupted while shooting. I recommend you use well-regarded brand name cards, (sony, sandisk, lexar, etc.) and make sure you don't remove a card during a write operation, etc.


Enjoy the camera.

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Depending on one's working habits, 

many users never hook the camera 

to a computer. They read the cards   

directly at the computer. 


FWIW the card slot in a PC is much 

faster than a USB port, so plugging 

the camera in as a USB drive is not 

a fast method of moving quantities 

of really big files, such as raw files

or extra fine jpegs. 

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