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A3000 shoots three images when its set to shoot one

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Maybe because I've dropped it a few times -- occupational hazard when you're a clumsy amateur naturalist wandering around the woods -- but my camera intermittently shoots three images when it's set to shoot one. It doesn't do it all the time but often enough that I worry that something worse might be getting ready to happen. Anyone else have this problem?  Thanks.

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I get that effect from various cameras and 

I'm pretty sure it's from being super gentle 

on the shutter button, such that my finger 

motion is "lingering" [loitering ?] in exactly  

the point-of-travel that releases the shot.  


Sometimes I get 2 shots, sometimes it's 3.  

No harm, no foul. Can't see any harm in it.   


On occasion, you might even appreciate 

the lucky timing in one of the unintentional 

shots, or at handheld slow speeds one of

the extra shots might be a bit sharper. No 

harm, and possible benefits. A win-win :-)

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