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A7Sii vs A7iii vs A6500 vs A7Riii

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I’m not a video specialist but if I were looking for a dedicated 4K camera it would be either the α7III or wait a while to see if the α7SIII offers any advantages over the latest α7III.


I’m not sure what the point of a 42mp camera would be for video, so I think the α7R series is a bit of overkill.


While the α6500 is a good camera that new z battery is worth it’s weight in gold. While it’s a few hundred dollars more for the full frame I think in the long term it would be worth it. The focusing system of the α7III would make it ideal not only for video but for stills as well. For a so-called base model it wipes the floor with a lot of much higher priced competition.

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