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Upgrading from A330 - your advice please

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I have a Sony a330 that has done well for me the past 6 years, it has developed a fault meaning shots are misaligned with the viewfinder, have tried having it repaired but the fault has re-appeared. So I’m looking for advice...


What would you recommend upgrading to on a relatively sensible budget - I mainly take family pictures so in no way a pro! and I also have a standard and a telephoto lens - are the connections the same on the newer Sony alpha bodies so I can still use them?


Thanks very much in advance.

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You could try reloading the firmware 

with whatever version is newest. If 

you buy a new A-mount Sony your 

current lenses will work 100%. All 

Sonys are now Alpha models, but 

"Alpha" includes both E-mount and 

A-mount. Your lenses are A-mount. 

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