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Nikon glass on new a7III?

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I don't know if I can wait any longer...  Been a Nikon shooter for years, and as much as I love my D5, the new a7III has everything I need.  Does anyone know of an adaptor that will work well with Nikon glass?  I can't get a straight answer whether it will work with AF and transfer info.  Thanks! 


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Guest Jaf-Photo

It depends on your expectations but in reality adapters will cripple both your lenses and your camera compared to native performance. Some lenses will have decent function, some won't. You should research your lenses.


Adapters often need firmware updates to work with new camera models. As The A7III is brand new, this will be a question for you to check.


All in all, I would caution against using non-native lenses on FE cameras because you lose part of the performance you pay for. Again, whether you can live with that depends on your shooting style and expectations.

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I have several Nikkors that I use with my a7Rii including 300mm/4 PF and 24-120mm/4 with the Commlite adapter.


It AF and meta data works. 


There are lots of feedback on the subject online.




That said, the lenses focuses slightly slower ~85% of native, and VR really doesn't work.


I'm currently debating between Nikkor 20mm/1.8  or the new Tokina 20mm/2.0AF (native FE).


ps, just don't get rid of D5 until you have put a7iii to paces.  I found a9 insufficient for some action shots where there are multiple subjects in a zone (e.g., soccer game).  Nikon AF for sports is still better and more accurate.  Haven't seen any a7iii AF comparison other than a single subject focus.

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Thanks everyone... I will certainly NOT be getting rid of my D5, I'll end up selling one of my D3s's instead.  I LOVE my D5, and that's staying with me for a long time.  I want to add mirrorless to my arsenal, not necessarily replace it.  With that being said, that's why I ask about an adaptor because I will still own my Nikon lenses- perhaps I'll sell a few of my duplicates, but we'll see.  

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Since many many years I use Nikon. D800 - glass: 15-35mm, 24-120mm, 28-300mm, Fisheye 16mm, 50mm f1.4, 60mm micro & IRIX 11mm.

Since I have my a7RIII I use these lenses with the Commlite CM-ENF-E1 Pro and it`s working well.

Only the AF is a with the 28-300mm is a bit slower. But that`s complainung on a high level.

For example: The Irix is not listed in the compatibility list but working fine.

If you want to shoot sports you should take original glass.

Other example: The Sony 24-105mm is perfect. The face detection and Eye-AF is really fast (this speed is not reachable with other glasses)

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`Just chiming back in again on this.... I've had my a7III a week now, and MAN do I love it!  The Commlite adaptor works, but is a little intermittent.  When I mount a lens it works fine, however sometimes when I change another Nikon lens, I need to take off the adapter and put it back on.  Then works fine.   Anyone else have this problem, or is that just the price I pay for non FE lenses?  I will eventually add more FE lenses...

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Thanks Jimigraph, I am also considering an adapter so that I can use my Nikon glass on the A7iii but have not read anything conclusive about experiences with these, yours is the closest so far.

Can you answer the following please:

1. Are you adding the adapter to the body first or on the lens and then fitting them as a unit?

2. Do you get full AF in single as well as continuous across all settings (wide etc)?

3. How does it work for tracking fast subjects (I cover car / bike racing using a D500 + 300mm f4 PF and want to use this lens on the A7iii)?

Perhaps I need to wait and see what is updated adapter wise as it seems to be a hit / miss scenario.


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I have some old nikkor NOT AF, I would like to use them on the a7rIII, I need only to have the focusing at maximum opening and then the diaphragm closed ad I shoot, is there some adapter ring useful?

No elecrtic transmission, only diaphragm

thanks  Domenico

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General observations:

1. Sony mirrorless A series design philosophy wise are not ideally suited to shooting fast moving subjects. (For that Sony has the A77 & A99, etc.)

2. To then use cheap Chinese adapters - not approved or licensed by Sony and hence lacking complete integration and support - and expect the latest Sony technology to work as effectively via adapters as directly attached native lenses is expecting a bit much. 

3. Using heavy lenses on light weight camera bodies with relatively frail mounts is asking for trouble. (I use a Canon 400mm/f4 DO, I should know!) Some of these heavy telephotos don't even have special lugs to fit carrying straps that take the load off the camera mount whilst carrying/handling in field conditions.

4. If one looks for the fastest AF and durability better stick to Canon or Nikon or Sony's regular dSLRs or Sony SLT bodies with native optics for optimal AF and IS/VR/OSS performance. 



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