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19-35 EF on Speed Booster


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The lens DOES range from 19-35, and it IS an EF lens, 

but it's not Canon brand. It's a store brand, very likely a  

Sigma product. Likewise the Speed Booster is not from

MetaBones but is also a store brand. 


So, with the Speed Booster it's on an a6000. This is at 

ISO 8000, using in-camera HDR which eliminates most 

high-ISO noise due to the merging of multiple frames.  

Lens is stopped down 2 stops, but at ISO 8000 optical 

quality is hardly an issue, other than lack of reflections. 

This at 19mm, and even with the extra optics within the 

Speed Booster, and bright lights within the scene, not  

a problem with reflections. 


The uncorrected image is 100% uncropped, while the

corrected version is cropped only by the amount that is 

lost thru perspective correction adjustment. Almost all   

of the loss is fortunately just blank black sky. Perznally,  

I really like that the corrected version turned out pretty   

close to square.   



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