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Mike Feldman

Snowdrops and White Balance

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Shot with a7Sii and Vivitar 35/2.8 on an extension tube.  The cooler one was with White Balance set to AWB, and the warmer is with White Balance set to Cloudy.  I have yet to learn color correction in postprocessing.  I have been experimenting with setting custom white balance, and I'm thinking of buying a reference to use.  What works for those of you shooting close-ups outdoors?


I've watched a handful of YouTube videos on setting custom color temperature using both diffusion filters (shoot at the light source) and reference cards (hold next to the subject).  I've seen the grey vs white arguments, and I seen using the color patches in post, but I think I want to get an inexpensive reference card.  One with white, 18% grey, and black seems like the most flexible and allows verifying the setting via histogram.




Thanks, -- Mike



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Normally, it's quite easy to use memory colours to set white balance manually in post. Skin colour and sky for instance. Just keep nudging the sliders until it looks right.


Flowers tend to be more difficult because they come in all shades and hues. Therefore, memory is less reliable. A grey card like you mention is a simple and effective solution. A colour checker is even better and hardly any more work.

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